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woensdag 25 mei 2011


“A bond between art and landscape that results from the fundamental link between man and nature”

Arpia is an art project with a far-reaching commitment towards the landscape and its value(s). The concept of the project fits in the boldly stated: Art with Landscape. When looked at it as concentric circles, in the middle there is a path set out through the landscape, passing several works of art that can be catalogued as Art with Landscape. Around that, during the whole of the summer, lots of activities are being organized, to enlarge the impact of the works of art and to connect them with performance, music, lectures, science, etc.
Ecology is a main concern of the project, but the project wants to go beyond that. To make people take more care of the environment, you must let them feel that they are living in the middle of it and it is a part of themselves. We want to generate positive attention towards landscape and environment. That’s why, for the official launch of Arpia, we had the following sentence returning in every piece of promotion (flyers, posters, website,.): ‘How I learned to stop worrying and love the landscape’.
The works of art are permanent and in 2011 the ‘art walk’ will become longer, with new works of art penetrating the landscape around the Brick kiln subtly and respectfully. A new ‘festival-edition’ of Arpia will open on August 20th and end on October 9th, with thematic walks, a temporary art exhibition, a book-lounge, etc.
The ecological mainframe is translated in every aspect of the project. The works of art have to integrate themselves in their environment and be built of natural, site-specific or found materials. They are mostly larger scale, but even while drawing the attention of the visitor, they have to intensify the experience of the surrounding landscape visually or aurally. While organizing, there will be close attention to put as few pressures on the environment as possible, using materials that respect nature and fit into the story of the surrounding landscape. We focus, through the art works and the activities, on processes (growth and decline) and the rhythm of nature, on the bond between humans and nature, and with all that, on our own future.
Arpia vzw would like to invite young artists to submit their ideas and proposals for a temporary work in the landscape along the old tramway between St-Lievens-Esse and Herzele or at the brick kiln, which could be realised in one of the following festival editions.
The work has to fit in the framework of Arpia, as explained above. Important is that the work is in someway created with or/and for the specific landscape or a specific place and is made out of natural or sustainable material. Performative actions are also welcome. Visiting the site is possible, if wanted with someone from Arpia (after making an appointment).
Arpia will cover the realisation costs.
The Jury consists out of: Lucas Devriendt (Artist), Eugeen Liebaut (Architect), Christel Stalpaert (Professor Art Studies) and Luea Ritter (Curator Arpia).
The decisions will be discussed also with the other board members:), Chris De Smedt (landscape expert), Ellen Dewaele (film producer), Jan Hermans (cultuurbeleidscoordinator Gemeente Herzele)

Please send your proposal to - or Arpia vzw, Doornstraat 40, 9550 Herzele.
The deadline for the edition in 2011 is the 15th of june 2011 - The application should include:

• CV/Bio
• Visual of the the idea
• Short motivation/explanation
• Technical info
• Budget (estimate of necessary materials and services)

For more information you can contact Luea Ritter -

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